undertake project work Essay

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Day tour to Fremantle Foundry & Engineering CO. +61 8 9494 8100 +61 8 9494 8199 2 Contest Link Henderson WA 6166 Project definition The project is based on organizing a day tour to a major maritime company in Fremantle, WA, to introduce a business management class of 30 students to see how a good management program operates. As allocated budget, we have $ 10000 available funds, which will be detailed later in the project. To ensure that we succeed in the completion of the project each of the team members have been assigned with roles and responsibilities which were discussed and set out and agreed upon as a group. They are as follows: Agnese – Contact the company to discuss a price and suitable day for the tour. Frances –…show more content…
The main amount of the budget is provided by the college, and $600 provided by student as day tour fees of $20 each per student. As a team has we reserved $1000 from the budget as contingency plan, which will be discussed later on the project. Project Name: Day tour to Fremantle Foundry
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