unemployed and working hard Essay

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Unemployed and working hard Unemployed and working hard. Well that is quite a sentence isn’t it? That gets the gears rolling. How it is that one can be unemployed and working hard? In this essay I have read a lot of new interesting facts about homeless that myself I would have never assumed to be true. I read of a boy the author Simon Wykoff whose own father was homeless for many years and mainly whom the essay is written about, Wykoff often stayed on the streets with his father. Wykoff speaks of his fathers struggles but also of all of his father hard work. He tells how his father wakes every morning and immediately checks all of his belongings, he has often woken to all of the clothes in his back pack to be completely gone, stolen,…show more content…
He was somewhat of a musician, he was a great bit humble in his way. He would play a pennywhistle harmonizing Irish jigs. He was not a heckler or a beggar, he did not have a sign that he would hold, he simply would set a ball cap in front of him while he played. Counting on the good graces of good people. After coming up with enough money to eat for the day he would go get himself some lunch. He couldn’t get any perishable foods do to the fact that he didn’t have amenities such as a refrigerator. Therefore he had to rely on bread, chips and vegetables that could be eaten raw, not the greatest of a diet but enough to get him by. After having his lunch he would go looking things he could use for himself or sell to make a few more bucks for his pocket. He would travel to the richer college student neighborhood for this adventure. He would dig through the dumpsters looking for things such as vcr’s and microwaves. If he were to come across anything like this he would have to strap it to the back of his bike and travel many more miles to go and sell it to a second hand store. Then we are down to the last two tasks of the day. He would have to go turn in/pick up applications for jobs. This was a very tedious task seeing as most of these job were on the outskirts of the city, so many miles of peddling his bike. He would sometimes ride all the way across town just to submit his barren resume. Only to later be rejected. Finally he would get his dinner
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