unit 022 childcare

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Unit 022 Outcome 1 1. The sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth to 19 are the following: Babies at birth – most are born at 40 week and premature babies more often need a little more time to reach the same level of development as babies born in and after the 40th week. Most are born with just reflexes for survival at first. These would be swallowing, sucking reflexes to help feed. Rooting reflex baby will move its head if the cheek is touched to find a nipple or teat. Grasp reflex babies will grip objects touching their palm. Startle reflex they will often move arms outwards and clench fists is a sound movement or light suddenly startles them. Walking reflex when babies are held upright with their feet on a…show more content…
A child at 18 months – The word toddler is often used as the children start to walk with a side to side movement. They start to move quickly and enjoy the freedom it gives them. They are keener to interact more and play with adults and are fascinated by other children of their own age and older like friends, brothers or sisters. They start to want their own independence as they have learnt they are separate from their carers they cry in protest if they want something and do not get it. Their language skills are still developing they can use several words and will understand a lot of what adults are saying. They do not yet know the need to share, cooperate and wait many parents take this as developing minds of their own. They can become restless and change moods quite quickly and often need to be around a familiar adult when not with their main carers. Children at two years – They are very much showing their individuality at this age. They know what they want to do touch and hold. They can now move confidently and are enjoying walking and being able to pick things up and play with them. They are keen to do things for themselves and often get frustrated when they can’t. Their frustration can lead to temper tantrums and emotional outbursts. They also get emotional in other words they will smile laugh and squeal with enjoyment. They will notice other children and enjoy being near them even if they don’t actively play together. Favourite
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