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P5 Explain the strategies and methods that can be used to support children/ young people and their families where abuse is suspected or confirmed.
M3 Assess strategies and methods used to minimize the harm to children, young people and their families where abuse is confirmed.
Case study: Paul is 10 years old. His teachers that he might be suffering from abuse at home have reported it to the Local authority. He will be starting secondary school in a month’s time. The local authority is due to put him in care temporarily whilst investigations take place.
Counteracting possible stereotyping
Stereotyping and naming can be extremely terrible towards any individual. This is on account of other individuals may judge rapidly or accept something
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Unconditional acceptance for the child/ young person
This is the point at which the kid is acknowledged paying little mind to who and how they are. For instance if a kid has been sexually assaulted, they must be acknowledged and not seen distinctive. In terms of a youngster or a youngster uncovering data on their misuse it is totally troublesome for them. This is on the grounds that they may expect that no one would trust them or that they may even get judged. This is the reason it is vital for the individual that the kid may be opening up to, to accept whatever the youngster may be stating concerning them getting ill used.
For Paul's situation, he didn't uncover any data. His educator suspected that he might be getting ill used because of suspicions that the instructor may have seen. However in the event that Paul was to uncover any data of him being misused at home, the individual listening must accept and console him with the goal him should feel protected, cherished and secure. This would minimize the impacts of misuse, as they would not feel as unstable.

Flexibility of this methodology could be that the kid would feel secure, adored and feel like they fit in anyplace as opposed to feeling distinctive due to the misuse that they may have encountered. They would likewise get an opportunity to open up about the

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