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Introduction: In this assignment I will be giving information the following point talk about each sales staff must do or be like when working for these different scenarios. Also I have included the sales technique out of four of them: Cold-calling, Face to face, Telemarketing and drop in visits. Also I have included their own personal interpersonal skills of what it takes to be a sales staff to be working for those scenarios, I have also included examples and relevant pictures. Selling insurance over the phone through cold-calling. Selling insurance over the telephone is called cold calling that would enquire sales staff that are very confident, have clear and loud voice to speak to another and has good verbal communication skills,…show more content…
Some cold calling places that are based online and they must call up to book a holiday they must make that sale in a certain amount of time as it can charge more on the phone, and if you have lost that sale you’ve lost it and move onto the next customer. Telemarketing is good as Customers check it all online see the hotels, see pictures and see good affordable deals that are on their budgets. This will be good as it’s not a waste of time coming into a store and doing it face to face, but however some customers feel more comfortable and reliable. Also Sales staff find it easier to sell face to face as you can see what sort of person they are and how much they are actually budgeting. Sales staff must present themselves in a good way their presentation must be professional and so is their personal hygiene as their representing their brand.  Selling clothes in Selfridges. Selling clothes in Selfridges. A sales staff has to have an excellent personal hygiene and a good presentation of themselves on how they look and dress as this is one of the worlds largest department store. Selling clothes in Selfridges is face to face customers go in and buy what they want and sales staff must be nice as they are high class people shopping in Selfridges and you must give friendly customer service to them. Also sales staff must close up the sale for example “thank you for shopping at Selfridges in this .. Department” As they will feel more welcomed. Sales

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