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UNIT 11 1.1 Shirley Creary Analyse the principles, scope and purpose of professional supervision. Supervision is a process in which a worker is given responsibility to work with another to meet organisation, professional activites. The objectives are competent, accountable performance, continuing professional development and personal support. The purpose of professional supervision gives the opportunity for employer and worker to come together to reflect on work practise and reflect and evaluate their work through discussion, report and observation. When i undertake any supervision my aim is to identify solutions to any problems, improve practise and increase understanding of any issues. I will cover such topics for example workload,…show more content…
Findings from research and reviews are used within professional supervision, as serious safeguarding and possible loss of life can and have happened , by putting into supervisions a more emphasis on learning lessons and improving practice. Giving support to workers and building up a relationship that they feel they can talk about any issues they may have or seen. Giving example of case reviews where there has been a failing and informing of the importance of reporting, for example the undercover footage by the BBC by staff to residents with learning disabilities at winterbourne view hospital.By setting out a set and clear questions within the paperwork and within the discussions that policies and procedures need to be adhered to that all aspects are covered and are effective to ensure the safety of staff and clients. UNIT 11 1.5 Shirley Creary Explain how professional supervision can protect the Individual. Supervision can protect the individual by the fact that it is recorded so anyone involved cant back tract on what has been said. Its an opportunity to discuss and issues and how they can be resolved in accordance to procedures, working practice, example poor moving and handling is not protecting the individual. covering this in supervisions to ensure training is up to date and they are confidant would be to protect the individual. Supervisor. By covering all aspects within the supervision the supervisor

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