unit 12 Internet marketing

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In this assignment I will be focusing on the seven Ps and how they are used in business. I will be explaining what each one is and how it is used in the marketing mix also how the internet has an impact on businesses.
Internet marketing
Marketing segmentation
Market segmentation is the process of dividing a market up into different groups of customers, in order to create different products to meet their specific needs. The most obvious type of segmentation is between customers who buy distinctly different products.
A product is simple a good or service you going to sell to a particular market, your product can have both tangible and intangible aspects, and is the thing you offer to satisfy your customers’ wants
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Before distribution the products/service needs to be at the correct size, shape and to be produce on time. The product or service also needs to be tested and updated when necessary. Products or services sold by your company needs to be insured in case anyone suffers any harm from your product or services.
Physical Evidence can also refer to the people within your company and how they dress and act. It can refer to how your office is set up, the professionalism of your staff, nice brochures, how you interact with your customer base, and every single visual element about your company.
Using the internet you can develop your product to the correct shape size and colour, to have an actually idea of what a product will look like before it is been sold. Customers like to have and as much information about a product before buying and using the internet this has been made very easy. Using online apps customers can know the actually size, colour and shape before buying.
The process is all about been able to run your business smoothly without any delays miss takes or anyone been left out. Remember to look at this from your customers’ point of view. The process problems that are most annoying to a customer are those that are designed for the provider’s convenience, not the customer.
Using the internet work has been made easier for businesses to carry out their daily activity. For businesses that do mostly delivery the internet can provide drivers with much

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