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1) Understand the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion

1.1) Explain what is meant by :-

Diversity- recognises that all though people have thing in common they are also different in many ways. Diversity therefore consists of visible and non-visible factors which include personal characteristics such as backgrounds culture, by recognising and understanding our individual differences and embracing them we can create a productive environment in which everybody feels valued.

Equality- means treating people in a way which is appropriate for their needs.make sure they have fair treatment and access to opportunities even if they
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These are The Disability Discrimination Act 2005, The Special Educational needs and Disability Act 2001, The Race Relations Act 2000, Convention on the Rights of the child, The Human Rights Act 1998, The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 Employment Equality Regulations 2003.

2.2)Explain the possible consequences of not actively complying with legislation and codes of practice relating to diversity,equality,inclusion and discrimination in adult social care settings.

The law will not tolerate any breeches in the policies set out. Any breeches will be regarded as misconduct except for serious offences as discrimination, bullying or victimisation will be treated as misconduct and may lead to disciplinary action including dismissal from employment without notice.

2.3) Describe how own beliefs, culture, values and preferences may affect working practice.

Everyone has different values,beliefs and preferences. What you believe in what is important and what you accept is part of who you are. As a professional you are required to provide the same quality of support for all not just for those who share your views and beliefs. If you only deal with your beliefs you will struggle to do your job and it will affect your wok and affect your relationship with colleague at work.

2.4)Describe ways to ensure that own interactions with individuals respect their beliefs, culture, values and preferences

There is only one way to
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