unit 2 activity sociology

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Unit 2 Activity

1. Log on to any social networking site, like Facebook, and identify culture. Make a list of the values of that culture. How are they different from or similar to the values discussion from our chapter?
Facebook, a social networking site, had norms, languages, gestures, values, behaviors, material objects, and beliefs that any other culture would have. A belief on Facebook is that the more friends, likes, comments, or posts you have, the more popular you are. When and individual “pokes” another, it is a norm for interacting with friends. Facebook creates an online community in which millions of people share the same culture, regardless of their origin or location in the world.
Values on Face book include:
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Becoming predictable will draw more customers to this certain service; for they will know they are getting the same product, price, and service each visit.

5. Research one of the fortune 500 companies. What type of leadership style is used by the top leaders of the company? Do you think that leadership might have something to do with the success of the company? Be very specific in supporting your position and proving evidence. State your sources.
Wal-Mart is one of the fortune 500 companies. It is ranked number 1 on the fortune 500 list with revenue of $469.2 billion and a profit of $16,999 million. The top leaders of the company are determined to make the customer happy by providing a wide variety of products at low prices. The leaders have developed a very systematic strategy, which saves the Wal-Mart company money, which then they pass on to its customers, causing them to save money because of the low prices. This requires a methodical way of thinking from the managers, owners, and operators to make it work correctly and efficiently. The leaders must be positive and intelligent to make the system work to the advantage of its owners, customers and employees. The leadership is a large reason why the company is so successful. Without this intelligent style of leadership, the company would become disorganized and end up losing profit, causing their customers to stray towards other competitors.
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