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L3- HSC Technical Certificate unit worksheet
Unit 206 – Understand the role of the social care worker

The numbers in the bracket after each question relate to the assessment criteria in the standards

1. Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship (1.1.1)

A working relationship is where you are placed with other people and work as part of a team, where each individual is working following professional codes of practise, towards the achievement of shared aims and objectives. You do not necessarily have to like the people you work with but you need to keep personal opinions and feelings to yourself. Mutual respect and understanding is a key factor in developing a good working relationship.
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5. Explain the importance of full and up-to-date details of agreed ways of working (2.2.3) It’s important so that care homes or environments are run in accordance with legislations. So staff adhere to agreed standards and regulations at all times. It also means that service users will not be put at any risk.

6. Explain why it is important to work in partnership with others (3.3.1)

It’s important to form professional relationships with team members, colleagues, other professionals as well as individuals and their families in order to promote effective communication and effective ways of sharing accurate information. It will help to give service users the best possible care as everyone will be clear on each service user’s needs, wishes and preferences

7. Identify ways of working that can help improve partnership working (3.3.2)

We can improve partnership working through effective communication and information sharing. By working as a team and having regular staff meetings, with colleagues and other health care professionals.

8. Identify skills and approaches needed for resolving conflicts (3.3.3)

You should try to handle conflict situations by remaining calm, ending the conflict before it escalates and remaining respectful of others. You should try to demonstrate active listening and discuss the situation in a calm and rational manner to try and resolve the conflict.

9. Explain
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