unit 21

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Unit 21
5.4. Legal duties and obligations around PPE The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 These regulations seeks to ensure that where the risks cannot be controlled by other means, [ Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is correctly selected and used. The Regulations do not apply where requirements are detailed in other regulations e.g. respirators in the Control of Substances
5.5. It is the responsibility of employees to: Ensure that they take reasonable care to protect their own health and safety and that of their co-workers and other persons in or near the workplace; Report to management any hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions or risks that they identify in their work environment; Participate in
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How to use gloved hands
• keep gloved hands away from face
• avoid touching or adjusting other PPE
• remove gloves if they become torn; perform hand hygiene before placing on new gloves
• limit surfaces and items touched
Sequence for removing PPE
• all items must be removed and discarded carefully
• perform hand hygiene after gloves/apron removal before your hands go near your face (for removal of masks and eye protection) and after completion of PPE removal, and any time you suspect your hands are contaminated during PPE removal.
1. Glove removal
• outside of glove is ‘dirty’; use glove-to-glove/ skin-to-skin handling method
• grasp outside edge near wrist
• peel away from hand, turning glove inside out
• hold in opposite gloved hand
• slide ungloved finger under wrist of remaining glove
• peel off from inside, creating a bag for both gloves
• discard
2. Apron removal
• unfasten ties
• peel apron away from neck
• turn contaminated outside surface toward the inside
• fold or roll into a bundle
• discard
3. Perform hand hygiene
4. Eyewear removal
• outside of eyepiece is ‘dirty’; handle by earpieces
• grasp earpieces with ungloved hands
• pull away from face
• place in yellow clinical waste bag
5. Mask removal
• front of mask is ‘dirty’; handle by ear-loops
• remove from face, in a downward direction, using ear-loops
• discard
6. Perform hand
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