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Chapter 3 Review 1. Which of the following is true about a TCP/IP network? A) The network uses only standards defined in TCP/IP RFCs. 2. Which of the following terms is not a common synonym for TCP/IP model? (Choose two answers.) D) TCP/IP mapping and C) Ethernet 3. Think generically about the idea of a networking standard, ignoring any particular standard or standards group. Which of the following is typically true of a standard? (Choose two answers.) B) It exists as a deployed network device, which people can visit on the Internet. C) It has been passed through some form of review and approval or certification process. 4. Contrast an international standard as compared to a de facto standard. (Choose two answers.) B) International…show more content…
A) Vendor models 10. Which of the following statements is true when comparing the OSI and the TCP/IP model as defined in RFC 1122? B) The lower four layers of TCP/IP define the same kinds of functions as the matching layer numbers from OSI. 11. A network engineer connects two PCs (PC1 and PC2) using Ethernet NICs and an Ethernet cable that has copper wires inside. The two PCs communicate successfully. Which of the following happens when PC1 sends bits to PC2? D)PC1 converts the bits to sound waves, and the NIC uses an A/D converter to send the data over the cable. 12. A TCP/IP network includes an Ethernet LAN with 10 PCs uses a LAN switch. PC1 sends data intended for an app running on PC2. Which of the following mechanisms does Ethernet define so that PC2 receives and processes the data? A)The Ethernet header lists PC2’s MAC address so that PC2 will realize that the data is meant for PC2. 13. Two network pros are having a conversation about some issues in a network. They discuss some issues related to how PPP forwards data, so they happen to be discussing the data structure that includes the PPP header and trailer. Which of the following terms do they use? B) Packet 14. Which of the following are true facts about IP addresses? (Choose two answers.) C) Are listed in the data-link trailer D) Used by routers to make a forwarding decision 15. Which of the following answers is true about Ethernet MAC addresses? A) 48 bits in length C) Are listed

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