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Regent College BTEC LEVEL 3 DIPLOMA AND EXTENDED DIPLOMA IN HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE STUDENT NAME Unit credit value: 5 Grade awarded: Points awarded: UNIT(S) Unit 27 Dealing With Challenging Behaviour SCENARIO You are a nurse who works in a busy A&E department in a city hospital. Because you are experienced and highly regarded your manager has asked you to mentor some new nurses who have just qualified. Because A&E often has difficult and violent patients, your manager has asked you to give these new nurses some guidance on how to deal with challenging behaviour that they may encounter. ABOUT THIS UNIT Dealing with challenging behaviour is a high priority for people working in the health and social…show more content…
There is a copy of the document ‘The short-term management of disturbed/violent behaviour in psychiatric in-patient settings and emergency departments’ on Miplace. You need to write a summary of this in a booklet which covers four areas of dealing with violence in A&E: 1) Prediction 2) Prevention 3) Intervention 4) Post incident review Criteria P3 M2 D1 Task Three: P3 Suggest strategies to minimise effects of challenging behaviour in health and social care settings. M2 Discuss strategies used to minimise effects of one type of challenging behaviour in health and social care settings. Your manager has asked you to put on a training session for the recently qualified nurses in your A&E department. Based on the information in the NICE guidance document, and any other further research or knowledge/ideas of your own, create a group presentation of strategies that can be used to minimise the effects of violent behaviour from patients in the department. (The class will be split into two groups. When you deliver your group presentation for P3, the other group will act as the newly qualified nurses. Your teacher will take on the role of a particularly difficult nurse, who will ask you lots of questions about your strategies. This will lead to a discussion about how you intend to implement your strategies for M2.) D1 Evaluate strategies for dealing with one type of challenging behaviour in health and
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