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QCF Level 5 Unit 524 1. Understand the principles of change management in health and social care settings. 1.1 Tutur2u.net believes there are four key features of change management: Change is the result of dissatisfaction with present strategies It is essential to develop a vision for a better alternative Management have to develop strategies to implement change There will be resistance to change There are internal and external factors that drive change: Internal forces could be: Desire to increase profitability Reorganisation to increase efficiency Conflict between departments To change organisational culture External forces could be: Customer demand Competition Cost of inputs Legislation & taxes Political Ethics & social values…show more content…
Employees engage in both the solution and the change. Training is used to build knowledge and skills after employees have made the personal decision to support the change. Resistance is identified and dealt with early in the process. Senior leaders demonstrate their own commitment and the organization’s commitment to the change. Change is supported. A coalition of support among senior leaders and managers creates momentum throughout the organization. Probability of meeting project objectives is increased. If change is NOT Managed effectively: Productivity declines as people become more consumed with the change being introduced. Passive resistance grows. Active resistance emerges and sabotages the change. Employees become disinterested in the current state and the future state. People are left to wonder why the change is happening. Employees revert back to the ‘old ways’ to avoid implementing the ‘new ways’. Changes are not fully implemented. Changes are cancelled due to lack of support. Many types of risk are created – risk to the project, to the organization, to the employees involved and to the individuals supporting the change. 2. Be able to facilitate a shared understanding of the need for change in health and social care settings. 2.1 My occupancy levels have been very low over the last 3 years. My home registration is for 20 care of the elderly

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