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List of questions for Ceo Q: What is the software lifecycle? A: In the software lifecycle there are 4 phases that are derived from the old System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and they are as follow; Planning, Implementation, Maintenance, and the Removal process. The planning phase is defined by all planning activities including the analysis of the software to be installed, verification of its compatibility, supported methods of installations, and the identification of any risks associated with the software and the desired deployment method. The Implementation phase is used to prepare for deployment such as; creating a shared access location for files and creating or using the appropriate package files. After all these steps have been…show more content…
A: In the properties window for each Windows Installer Package, some additional settings cab be associated with the package such as modification or transform (.mst) and upgrade settings. Q: How would we configure the software restriction policies? A: The Software Restriction policies node is found in the Policies\Windows settings\Security settings node of the user configuration of the computer configuration node of a group policy. When you create a new software restriction policy folder two sub folders are automatically created, security levels and additional rules. The security levels folder allows you to define the default behavior from which all rules will be created. The criteria for each executable program are defined in the additional rules folder Dear Business Manager, After reviewing your e-mail I feel very confident that all of your requirements can be met. First off I would start by taking a snapshot of a clean computer before and after the installation process. Next use .mst process to modify the .msi package to be able to use the windows installer. From there automate the deployment of the application. Set software installation properties to assign, then create the new software installation package, and this will give you your silent installation. Next I would assign all the users in the engineering department into one category and restrict them from the scope. Regards, Chris

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