unit i principles of communication in adult social care settings

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Unit 1 Principles of Communication in Adult Social Care Settings. Understand why communication is important in adult social care settings. 1.1 People communicate for many different reasons, it is mainly for understanding what is going on around them and to know what needs to be done. To be able to express their feeling's and say what they need and want. For reassurance when they are not sure of something. And to ask question's when needed, To socialize and get to know other people and the thing's they like, dis-like and their background history. 1.2 Communication is really important in the Social Care network because it enables us to understand each individual needs of care that the service user requires. It helps in the…show more content…
Or their home language could be different from English. Which means that they would not understand me if I was to talk to them. So therefore a different form of communication would be needed in order for the individual and myself to understand each other. It is important to also know an individuals wishes and preferences because individuals have varied beliefs and values, and in order to meet them we would need to know what they are as they are important to the individual. 2.2 There are many ways in which to communicate, the most common is talking. Other ways of communication are writing and pictures. Sign language, or finger spelling, for the deaf. If they don't speak English then an interpreter or translator could be used. If they have a sight impairment then Braille can be used if the individual knows how to use it. Understand how to reduce barriers to communication. 3.1 Barriers to communication can be Language, hearing loss, visual impairment, physical disability, learning disabilities and dementia/confusion. Also the environment around us can play a part in causing barriers of communication such as poor lighting or darkness and loud noises. 3.2 Barriers of communication can be reduced by assessing each individual and then using the appropriate method required. For language an
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