use and develop systems that promote communication

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UNIT 1 USE AND DEVELOP SYSTEMS THAT PROMOTE COMMUNICATION 1 1.1 There are many groups of people a Manager needs to communicate with in order to do the job effectively and efficiently. Staff need to be one of the first and most important groups. A Manager running a 24 hour service must recognise their staff are the promoters and advocates of the service in a Managers absence, next would be the service users themselves. Any service will have other health professionals attached, such as GP’s, OT’s, speech and language therapists. Families need to be included in any changes, or plans for the service, and close friends of individuals. Case Managers, commissioners and if registered, CQC all must be kept current, along with…show more content…
The Care Standards Act 2000 introduced regulations to protect the privacy and dignity of people receiving care. it has put in place an independent regulatory system regarding care services. This can be challenging for the staff of a service as the CQC standards can be conflicting with the commissioners (the borough that are paying for the individuals to live in each home) standards. Alongside this organisations can have uniform paperwork that is expected to be in place, the Operations Manager to the service will do a monitoring visit to each home on a monthly basis, and could ask for a procedure to change, or to implement a new piece of legislation. The Manager would then need to send a copy of the proposed change to both the CQC and local commissioner for approval. Another challenge to effective communication is part time employment. Waiting for a response to something urgent, when the person concerned is not back at work for 2 days is frustrating. It also means effective handover periods and staff communication is essential. This is when the communication book, and minutes to meetings that have taken place, are vital. They support the lines of communication. Staff sickness is a challenge, if short notice and agency staff has to be used, this puts pressure on the permanent staff member, as they have to ensure the temporary staff is aware of their duties as well as carrying out their own
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