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Question 1 How do you think you can improve your interpersonal, oral communication Question 2 What is meant by an integrated communication system in strategies and styles of managerial communication Question 3 Conduct your research report on how your organization can improve its strategic, managerial communications performance Question 1 How do you think you can improve your interpersonal, oral communication Improve the interpersonal Developing Appropriate Interaction Skills Many situations today require skills in understanding and collaboration. These differ greatly from the more common skills in information sharing and advocacy. Part of the reason we have difficulties is that we can not switch to the appropriate skills at the…show more content…
While the others actions leading to feelings of anger are important and must be owned by the other, the person feeling anger contributes also. Anger requires both the actions and the unmet hopes, desires, expectations and anticipations of the one having the feeling. Both are appropriately open to discussion. A lack of ownership is also often present in claims of objectivity and facts. All claims and facts require agreed upon processes or procedures for their formation. Even the accountants report requires the acceptance of general accounting procedures for its claims. Often these processes and procedures remain implicit making discussion of them impossible and consideration of their products incomplete. Responsibility is pushed to some invisible realm. Responsibility is also often shifted to rules and generic shoulds and oughts. Questions like, whose oughts why are they applicable in this situation can be non-discussible. Responsibility is shifted to an absent authority. An owned message explicitly demonstrates responsibility for self, thoughts, feelings, knowledge claims, and actions. They often begin with an explicit I think, I want, rather than without an origin. To produce an owned message requires (1) knowing what you are really feeling, thinking or doing, (2) honestly determining what you have to value, anticipate or want to think or feel this way when confronted with the others statements and actions, and (3) determining which are
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