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Vigilante Justice
The year is 1851 in the newest biggest town of San Francisco, where the first vigilante committee was formed. These committees have been around longer than any police station in the west, and their sole purpose was to act as the law when the law was absent. During these times in San Francisco the crime rates were outrageous because of the new found golden wealth in the area. When the gold rush hit people from all over the world flocked to get a piece of the golden pie. Back then these vigilante committees were needed because the lack of police force, the people of these towns would trust these vigilantes and some sheriffs would even hire them. Without these brave men and women that formed to make these
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With this circumstance the vigilantes decided that the man they were so kindly escorting didn’t deserve the rights to a fair trial. What these certain vigilantes did is not to be seen as the whole of the vigilante movement during the old west.
What the vigilante committees did back in the old west was an honorable and brave most people today would think you’re crazy to join a committee to fight crime. Without the vigilante committees the towns and settlements around during the old west would have been constantly over run by outlaws and criminals trying to make a quick unhonest buck. Throughout time they have always had the connotation of criminal men running around serving justice with his peace maker. When these outlaws ran into town, there wasn’t any way to call the sheriff and if he even was in town it was even harder to get him there in time. The sheriff’s job in the old west was a lot more tasking than what the sheriffs of today do simply because the sheriff had to ride horseback from town to town to see who needs help. Now the sheriff doesn’t need to move to know when, where, and what people need help with. Author Lisa Arellano explains just how historians feel about the common belief of the vigilante, “The vigilante historians sought to resolve the
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