water scarcity in Singapore

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GAC023 Assessment Event 1: Environment Issue Investigation Water Scarcity in Singapore Student’s Name: Tiffany Yu Student ID#: JPCH25573 Teacher: R. M. Waterfall Due Date: Jan 24th Word Count: 1773 Table of Contents Abstract 1 1.0 Introduction 1 2.0 Methodology 2 3.0 Findings 2 4.0 Discussion 4 5.0 Conclusions and Recommendations 5 Reference Lists 6 Appendix 7 Abstract With the rapid development of industrialization and globalization, water issues are increasingly serious today, including water scarcity and water pollution. As a developed country, Singapore is trapped in these water issues. Although the Singapore government deals with the problem quite effectively, there are still some disadvantages about their policies…show more content…
This is a standard water-treatment test for the presence of organic pollutants. From the data in chart #1, it explains that industries play an important role in water pollution in Singapore. In order to deal with the situation of water scarcity of Singapore, the government from the 1980s to 1990s Singapore made tremendous efforts to create a comprehensive environmental management system, including water supply, control of river pollution, well-planned industrial estates, and an urban sanitation system for the whole island. More recently, the Singapore government has made “sustainable water supply” the main target of water management, and a series of initiatives and actions have been undertaken, including importing water, making highly-purified reclaimed water known as Newater and desalinating water (WRM Singapore experience, 2006). With 100 percent modern sanitation, Singapore is able to collect and treat its used water and turn that into high-grade reclaimed water it calls Newater, the quality of which is well within the World Health

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