week 2 business Essay

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When I first thought about the questions this week I had to step back and really think about what was being asked and why. The first question involves increasing U.S sports franchises popularity overseas and the cultural obstacles one must overcome. The next question deals with making products from these franchises appropriate for international market, and the last question brings in our government, would placing tariffs on imported products protect our industries. These three questions have multiple ways of being answered it will really depend on the beliefs of the person answering the question. When you think about U.S sports franchises trying to increase their popularity overseas, you …show more content…
We see that in China people love our NBA and the players associated with it, they are a huge buyer of merchandise, but the game is understood already around the world and this makes it easier to sell our products. The biggest hurdle is making the players here understand the international markets so they can go to other countries and make their presence known without offending anyone. We need to understand how people dress and tailor some of our products to their way of life without losing the core values that the franchises here stand for. We can’t just assume people will buy in to our products without altering it a little this is a problem for us in the U.S. as we don’t always show the want to conform to others beliefs and feelings we think everyone should be willing to follow us and franchises can’t have that feeling they changes need to be made. Placing tariffs on imported products sounds like an easy fix but to me it isn’t quite that simple. We have to look at the needs of our people and by placing tariffs on imports it will because the pricing of these products to go up and some of us can’t afford for that to happen. The tariff won’t have any impact on making the products we make here cheaper it might have the opposite effect as materials needed to produce our products might be included within the tariff causing our products to increase in price, this wouldn’t be good for our lower income citizens. Instead
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