week 2 you decide Essay

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The case is about Southside HMO, which serves 495,000 members throughout the eastern region of the United States. It has come to your attention that several members or patients who participate in your plan have filed a complaint that your HMO plan does not provide quality healthcare delivery. Several patients have been denied healthcare services to see specialists to whom they were referred by their primary care providers.so the board of directors has asked to provide a report detailing the strategies and recommendations to investigate the complaints and to identify strategies to ensure that quality management initiatives are in place to make sure that quality healthcare services are provided to all members. So if…show more content…
As the chief executive officer of Southside HMO I think first we should collect the compliments from patients who had given the complaints and according to that he should solve the problem and the chief executive should focus mainly on customers because the organization mainly depend on customers, they should understand current and future customer needs, should meet customer requirements and should try to exceed the expectations of customers. An organization attains customer focus when all people in the organization know both the internal and external customers and also what customer requirements must be met to ensure that both the internal and external customers are satisfied. Leaders of an organization establish unity of purpose and direction of it. They should go for creation and maintenance of such an internal environment, in which people can become fully involved in achieving the organization's quality objectives. People at all levels of an organization are the essence of it. Their complete involvement enables their abilities to be used for the benefit of the organizations. The desired result can be achieved when activities and related resources are managed in an organization as a process. An organization's effectiveness and efficiency in achieving its quality objectives are contributed by identifying, understanding and managing all interrelated processes as a system. Quality Control
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