Essay about week 6 case analysis

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Week 6 Case Analysis
MKTG 301

1. Harris told Houston that he needed a couple of weeks to think about his proposal. How should Houston handle this?

Harris is using what is called a time objection also known as stalling technique. In this particular case study Harris already has the need fulfilled by a different supplier and while they have had a few late deliveries Harris need to determine if it worth going through all of the work to get set up a new vendor. The time objection is often one of the hardest objections to gauge because it can mean many different things. In certain cases changing product can be a major process and can be very time consuming. With such a major change it is understandable that buyers want to take
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After uncovering any further objections and gaining an understanding of where Harris sits, Houston could begin to press and push for a sense of urgency. If Harris did not have any doubts there would be no need for a two week period to think. Pushing can be a sensitive task because if Houston pushes too hard he could destroy his relationship and his chance of doing business with the buyer. If all else fails and the buyer insists on taking time to think Houston should establish a firm follow up appointment as soon as possible.

3. What techniques should Houston have used to overcome the fore stalling tactic?
There are certain times in which it is impossible to prevent forestalling, but there are things a sales person can do to try and prevent objections. Utilizing the LAARC method gives is a good step in combating resistance and objections. The LAARC methods uses five steps to avoid objections which are to listen, acknowledge, assess, respond and confirm. Listening is always the most important part of sales. Buyer will often tell you exactly what they are looking for if you keep you mouth shut and listen. Active listening shows respect as well as arms a sales person will exactly what the buyer is looking for. Part of active listening is acknowledging what a buyer is saying. If you acknowledge that it proves that not only are you listening but you are understanding. Assessment is carefully
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