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1. Explain how the use of substances alters a person’s state of consciousness, including depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens. Include in this explanation what happens to the neurotransmitters and body chemicals as well as how you might recognize whether a person at work or in your family is in an altered state of consciousness due to the influence of drugs. Stimulants can be used to speed up the central nervous system making a person fell more alert and aware of their surroundings. Depressants are the opposites and reduce the activity of the nervous system and produce a feeling of calm and/or “taking the edge off”. Hallucinogenics can be used to make an individual have hallucinations and have distortions in space and
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b) It is beneficial for thins such as self preservation and helping us avoid danger and staying alive in search of food, water and shelter.
c) When they become dangerous to others because the need for these things are being sought without regard to consequences.
d) Some times the can be recognized after the fact when someone goes back and analysis the situation also if we have experienced it before.
e) By the ability to recall the decision behind the particular behavior.

3. Group think is a concept that involves individuals abandoning their critical senses and agreeing to group process even when they know it will have disastrous consequences. (Challenger disaster, Enron, Iraq war, etc.). Your will encounter these pressures in your work life and need to be prepared. Have you ever done something in a group that you would not have done if you were alone? What happened? How did you feel? What have you learned from this chapter that might help you avoid this behavior in the future, and avoid group think?

I have done things in a group that I would most certainly not do alone. The result were never good, even when I was never reprimanded I was left with a feeling of quilt and remorse. Two thing I think can help me the most in the future is to seek an outside opinion that doesn’t have the same group mentality and also they have an impartial leader whom can see the fact and not

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