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1. Ethics is the study of (Points : 1) propositional knowledge. right and wrong. beauty. truth. none of the above. Question 2. 2. A sound-thinking deontologist might use which statement to support a woman’s right to vote? (Points : 1) The happiness of 50% of the population being allowed to vote outweighs the pain that might come out of the other 50%. Humans are autonomous beings that inherently have the same capacities. The virtue of a woman is to nurture her family. Families will be better off if women are able to participate in politics. None of the above Question 3. 3. Which statement is an objection to ethical egoism? (Points : 1)…show more content…
The intensity of pleasure.    1. In the early 1960s during times of revolution, rape, rampage, and chaos in certain areas of the world, the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy supplied its nuns with birth control pills. The reasoning was that, although the church opposed use of the Pill, the risk of rape and resultant pregnancy was so great as to override religious objections to the Pill. This justification illustrates what sort of ethical system? Utilitarian    Regarding the confinement raising of chickens for food, Jeremy Bentham would most likely argue that it is Not morally acceptable because chickens experience pain.    According to utilitarianism individual happiness is the highest moral good. People achieve happiness by pursuing their rational self-interests. Therefore, people ought to pursue their rational self-interests. False    Which of the following did Mill regard as our most important moral duty/right? Nonmaleficence    Suppose that an anti-abortionist assassinates an abortionist, claiming that, "The end justifies the means: It is better to kill one human now, than to allow that person to kill many humans (perform abortions) in the future." This assassin's reasoning adheres to which

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