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Intervention Strategies Summary Paper Learning Team D BSHS/445 May 25, 1025 Alysha McCuistion Intervention Strategies Summary Paper Everyone has problems. Some people are aware enough to acknowledge the problems, while others need help identifying issues. There are those that will deny that a problem even exists, though there are several identifying factors that scream otherwise. Individuals in denial of their problems often spiral downhill until they reach rock bottom. They may need to be given an ultimatum before even attempting to get help. Tonya is a married woman with children who is given an ultimatum by her husband to get help for her drinking problems. Tonya does not see the need for any intervention because in her eyes, she…show more content…
In the stage, Precontemplation, people with a problem cannot see it. They have no way of understanding the need of change and continue to use. Contemplation is the next step and now the client can recognize there is a problem and entertains the thought, but nothing more. When a person is in denial, it is critical for the therapist to convince the client in denial to go from Precontemplation (no problem) to contemplation (recognizing a problem). In order to get Tonya to move to the next stage, the therapist clarifies the house hold problems occurring that are a byproduct of her drinking. Once the problem has been clarified, the therapist makes an initial recommendation for action based on her assessment. In this case, the therapist suggests that Tonya participates in three Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) classes in the next week. The therapist then strengthens the thought of action with a very simple, but affective question, “What would it hurt?” This simple question creates a deep thought for Tonya’s purpose for therapy. Tonya’s willingness to participate in a program that will help moves her towards the direction of the Determination/Preparation stage for quitting. They have made the decision and now Tonya needs further guidance in supporting the decision. The next stage is action and the client in denial has not yet reached this step but prior to her next meeting

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