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The Fork in the Road… Have you ever thought about what your life would be like if you made just one wrong decision? In The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates, written by Wes Moore, the two men, both with the same name, find out what their life could have been like if they had just made a few different decisions. Their names and the circumstances they grew up in made them the same, but the choices they each made is what granted them separate fates. Both Wes Moores did not grow up in the best circumstances. In the beginning of the book when the men were talking about their lives, the other Wes Moore says, “Your father wasn’t there because he couldn’t be, my father wasn’t there because he chose not to be” (3). Both of these men lost…show more content…
This was only the beginning of his big accomplishments. Wes played sports as his hobby to keep him busy. He says, “I was a starter on the Valley Forge basketball team, the only sophomore on the starting squad that year and the first sophomore starter in over five years” (Moore 115). By having a hobby and being on a team, like basketball, Wes distracted himself from other bad things in his life. Wes described some of his biggest accomplishments when he walked “across the stage as a Phi Beta Kappa graduate who was also the first Rhodes Scholar in thirteen years at John Hopkins and the first African-American Rhodes Scholar in school history” (Moore 169). Wes Moore worked towards the long-term goal and by doing this he changed his life completely for the better. The other Wes Moore took a different path later in his life. Even though his role model and older brother, Tony, encouraged him to stay in school and to stay out of the drug game; Wes did not listen. Although he tried to better himself by enrolling himself into a program and trying to get back into school, “Wes went back to school immediately after leaving the juvenile detention facility, the Baltimore County Detention Center in Towson” (Moore 110), he still did not accomplish what he wanted. Wes just wanted to be able to support himself and his family but “Wes found it almost impossible to find a job to support

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