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What is Family?
Family has so many different meanings to every individual who has answers this question. Trying to find a general definition for this term is impossible. Everyone has a different concept of what a family is, what I would consider my family is far more stretch than a typical American family. Coming from a Latin culture my family’s considered grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, friends and down to the last pet. I experienced culture shock when I entered middle school to see what some of my when they referred to family they meant just their parents. For me this new concept of what my friends thought were their family was mom, dad, siblings, and
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Later they adopted a child placed on adoption in Vietnam. Karen’s idea of a family changed do to her problems of infertility, she come to the understanding that her children didn’t have to be related to her in order to love them as her children.
Alfredo Palacios was originally from Puebla, central Mexico. When he was six years old he’s mother passed away leaving he and his younger sister orphans. They were cared for by relatives and soon an older sister who was living in the United States with her husband and children, took them in. Soon after they started a new Life in Santa Ana, Alfredo’s sister and husband separated ending their marriage. She was soon alone carrying the burdens of supporting her children as well as for her sibling. When Alfredo entered high school it was a dream he could play soccer on the school team while this required him to maintain good grades, but the second year he started working part time to help his sister move out of the projects and his sister wanted him to keep working rather than perusing his dreams he and his sister realized he had to move out. He was taken in by a friend’s family that wanted to help him and make a difference in his life. Also there was an instructor that was interested in helping Alfredo recover academically. Although Alfredo loves his sister because their family, we can conclude that others can be considered his family as well because they cared for him enough to wanted him to succeed in
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