what is organizational behavior

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1. What is Organizational Behavior? Study of the impact individuals, groups, and structure has on behavior within an organization. This is studied by managers to improve an organizations work environment to find methods to increase the bottom line. Basically it is a study of the way people act within an organization when exposed to different elements such as leadership styles, behaviors of others, and incentives.
2. Maslow theory hierarchy of needs? Physiological- Basic needs or body needs; food, water, shelter, sex, and other. Safety = security and protection. Social = Affecton, belongingness, acceptance, and friendship. Esteem = Internal factors such as self-respect, autonomy and achievement. Self-actualization = Drive to be all we
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Management by objectives – Tangible verifiable, and measurable
6. Self

Chapter 8
1. Job design- The way the elements in a job are organized
2. Job Enrichment- expands the job so the employee controls the planning, execution and evaluation
3. Job Rotation- Moving around Cross-train
4. Employee Involvement- more involved, more productive employees
5. Participative management- Joint decision making Vs Representative participation – workers are represented in a small group (Union).
Chapter 9
1. Formal Group- Organized, Such as work group
2. Informal Group – No Formally structured nor organized
3. ESSAY - Five-Stage Model
Forming- Beginning of group
Storming- Accept existence of group but are working out the kinks
Norming-Setting standards
Performing- Work get done
Adjourning- Job completed
4. Role- What is expected by an organization
5. Role Perception – What you think your role is
6. Norms – Standards so you know when people are outside the norm set by leaders
7. Deviant workplace Behavior- behavior that violates organizational norms.
8. ESSAY - Group vs Individual Strengths of group decision is from many, Increase diversity, more knowledge. Individual – Expeditious, single point of success
9. Social Loafing- Expend less effort when working in a group-causing caos

Chapter 10

1. Work group – Primarily to share information
2. Work Team – Set Goal Accomplishment work on a project to get something done
3. Teams - Problem solving
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