what were the different views towards slavery DBQ

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The eight different documents are given are different in many ways. I am going to compare the documents based on the attitudes of my understanding the document. These documents are all based on the institution of slavery and the attitudes about slavery. I put these eight documents into two groups and those are for slavery and neutral attitude thought about slavery. These eight documents are all sorted by attitude and are going to be from the beginning of time to modern day. The first group is the thought that slavery was a good thing. The first document in this group is document number one. This document states that a man has contracted a debt that they have to sell or rent their family. This is stating that slavery is good but there…show more content…
The author’s point of view is that most people have slaves and that slave prices vary on age and strength. This document was written in 1296 and was a message sent from an emperor and that was a higher class person to talk like this about slavery. The third document in this grouping is document number six. This document is talking about how a group of people are taken for trade and the Takedda are proud of how many slaves they have. This is in the neutral section because it is not saying a point of view, just saying an observation. This document will only talk about how the Tadekka are going to Africa to buy slaves and how proud they are of it. This document was written in the year 1353 in north central Africa and was taken from a book written there. The fourth document of this group is document number seven. This document is talking about how it was hard to find a home in Tuscany that was a good home and did not have any slaves. It is also saying that the slave owner could do whatever they please with the slave they own, they say this like a person was property. This was only saying how common it was for a home to have slaves in it at this time. This document was written in 1375, and was a letter to a business associate in Italy. I disagree with this document because it is talking about a human being like they are a book they treated them however they wanted that is terrible. (POV) The fifth
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