when did slavery start in america

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When did slavery start in america. Once Slavery was introduced into the new colonies it changed the direction that the colonies were heading in. there are many theory’s and ideas linked with the importation of africans to america. Although some may consider racism a major role of the african enslavement, the need for Labor, Low Cost Price ,and Availability played a major role on the enslavement of africans in the new colonies. When the start of the colonization of america began the charters thought they had a pretty flawless plan. Get the Rich people to buy space on the boat, and then those rich people would pay the trip for their servants. In return they had to work for them for seven years.
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With no other choice they could either enslave the indians which were “savages” and hard to capture. Also the native americans knew the land better than them so if the english were to try to battle them it would just have been killed all. They would have started a war with the indians, the indians would have killed all the people since the settlement was not strong yet. Or they could capture the africans that was closer to the colonies than England was to them. The Africans were Resistant to all the diseases that was around James town, meaning that they would not die immaturely and they would be able to work for many years keeping the cost per slave lower than using servants. Another factor to consider is the fact that the english were trying to save as much money as they can. With the servants they had to pay a hefty price and within a couple of months they would not be able to complete there contracts because they would have been dead. Also not to mention the fact that they had to maintain the servants. But with slaves they just had to travel a distance that is far less than Europe, which saved them money, and then after they captured them all they had to do was maintain them. “ But the most important for the system was not racism but the pursuit of profit.” (document A) This shows that slavery was the most economical way to go. And money was necessary to get the colony running.
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