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Whittaker’s is most trusted brand of chocolate in New Zealand. Whittaker’s headquarters are located at Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand. Whittaker’s was founded by J.H Whittaker in Christchurch. James Henry Whittaker worked in the British confectionery industry at the age of 14 and moved to Christchurch, New Zealand, in 1890. Six years later he started manufacturing chocolate confectionery, selling it directly to customers. In 1913, he established a partnership with his two sons, Ronald and James, based in Wellington. The business became a limited liability company in 1937, with third-generation Whittaker’s still the sole shareholders in the company. In 1992 the company formed J.H. Whittaker Australia Ltd. Part A –…show more content…
Nestle is following the strategy of giving less quantity at less price. Nestlé’s white chocolate is favourite among customers. 1. Nestle Milky Bar 180g - $2.79 2. Cadbury Dream 220g - $3.19 3. Whittaker’s White Chocolate 250g - $3.75 So it is clearly visible from above comparison that Nestle is trying to attract such customers who have less buying power. Other chocolate brands like Lindt are selling their products online whereas Whittaker’s has still not provided the facility of online ordering of chocolates to the customers. D. Evaluation of market performance: Whittaker’s market performance is very good. Whittaker’s mainly stresses on Quality of the product. Whittaker’s market performance can be measured along product, price and place as follows: Product: Dark chocolate has always been best seller for company by setting a trend or a saga of taste. Its high quality cocoa beans and it is family sized blocks of chocolate having 72% dark Ghana chocolate. It is popular in KIWI people of New Zealand because Whittaker is KIWI owned company and has been one of the good competitors. Its vegan preparation add features in this chocolates Product Support for Whittaker’s products:- The product support for the Whittaker chocolates are, contact centre details, other elements like phone number, email communication and customer support details. Also, retailers always have
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