why college athletes should be paid

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Why Collegiate Athletes Should be Paid In our world, people who bring in money with their talents are usually compensated for their efforts. It makes complete sense right? Well for college athletes, they bring in billions of dollars worth of revenue for their school, but do not get compensated for their talents whatsoever. Most people argue that only professional athletes should be paid because it is their profession, but people do not take in account for all the hard work and effort these student athletes put in. Just like professional athletes, college athletes put their body on the line, and a free bachelor's degree is not worth their body they put on the line. Someone that could potentially injure their body for life deserves more…show more content…
With almost no free time at all, it is impossible for them to get a job, and it is illegal for them too. How else are these college athletes able to go buy food or medicine when they are sick? The NCAA restricts athletes to get a job because they could be paid based off of their performances. This is described as, “The NCAA is actually bold enough to restrict their athletes from having jobs or making money because they don’t want them cashing in on their performances in any way” (Elite). This ruling makes absolutely no sense, because how else are these athletes supposed to get money or make money? There is no other option than to give these students money for their essentially full time job they are working for their sport and being an athlete. There is also a double standard here. People are willing to buy these athletes items and give them money, but they are not allowed to accept those items or money either. Why? The NCAA restricts that also. If this athlete was on scholarship for a music, there would be no problem for them receiving gifts and funds from outsiders, but because they are athletes, they are not allowed to accept these gifts. These students are not only deprived of funds because they cannot work, but they are not treated fairly because of their athletic distinction, therefore, not allowing them to have special treatment as compared to any other student on scholarship who can work and receive funds from supporters. The NCAA
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