women in chinese culture

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Studies verify that in China for every 100 females born, there are 130 males; in 2020 it is estimated that there will be more than 35 million “surplus males” in China. The book Dreams of Joy by Lisa See is about a 19 year old girl, Joy, who ventures out on a journey in the late 1950’s from the United States to China to reunite with her biological father, and to participate in the great rise of communism in China. As a result of the constricting nature of Chinese culture that Joy is confronted with, women are put at a lower status than men where daughters are thought of as a disgrace to the family and women are confined to obligations within the household. Overall, Joy is suppressed by the dominantly negative Chinese culture.
The Chinese
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In China, only “boys could carry on the family descent line and girls could not, boys were considered more valuable children, and if families simply could not afford additional mouths to feed, they sometimes sold newborn girls or killed them, typically by drowning them”(Good wife and mother). The Chinese think that a boy brings much more to the family than a girl; especially in poor families, the boy plays a vital role in providing resources for the survival of the whole household, making the image of the boy rise to great heights not only within the household, but also in the community. The adverse effect of giving birth to a girl child was experienced by Joy who was demeaned by her family and the society. Consequently, Joy’s culture prevented her from honoring her daughter.
In the Chinese culture women are confined to obligations within the household. Majority of Chinese citizens in the 1950’s would say that “Women must care for husband, children, and other members of the family. They must look after the house, clean, make and wash clothes”(See 208). Women in the household have the job of staying at home, doing chores, taking care of the children and making meals, this restricts them from undertaking any job outside their households. When a man gets a cut, a good daughter in law should be “’kneeling down picking the glass shards out of her father in law’s feet’”(See 250).The Chinese
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