women in pakistan

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WOMEN IN PAKISTAN Outline 1. introduction Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 with thesis statement leading to the conclusion. 2. Hurdles in the way of women empowerment in Pakistan a. Unlawful customs b. Feudalism c. Crimes against women d. Domestic violence e. Outdated and perennial culture f. Forced and early marriages g. Misinterpretation of religion h. Lack of policies implementation i. Hurdles in getting into politics j. Insecurity at work place k. Denied basic education l. Poverty m. Inaction of law n. Health issues 3. Steps taken by government Women rights chapter in 1956 constitution of Pakistan Family law ordinance 1961 Musharraf regime Women protection bill 10% quota in css 33% seats in parliament Women rights…show more content…
There shall be no discrimination on the basis of sex alone”. Moreover it states that “the state shall ensure that women that women are not employed in vocations unsuited to their sex alone”. Again, it states that “the state shall protect the marriage, the mother, the family”. The state has blessed women with whatever rights they enjoy, but all has been turned into shambles when it comes to the status of women Pakistan. If WE PUT, all the violence that have HAS BEEN done on TO women, we put in a bundle and rolled into one, the earth would not hold it, the shy could not enfold it. It could not be lighted and warmed by sun..! The situation of women in Pakistan is much more dubious and grim than in other countries of the world. Though in some parts they go side by side with men, but such women are very low in ratio. Where ever tribal customs, traditional mindset, restriction on getting education, and their right to say are ruthlessly strangled, this is where they are victimized. Poor health, lawlessness and poverty has further intensified and ignited their plight. The country suffers from dwindling economy, low literacy rate, pessimism, tarnished image of society and prevalence of inhumane and barbaric customs, when the situation becomes much more grim and severe than it actually looks like. Because the world is progressing towards the highest possible limits, we need to bless our women with every right which she owns by birth. Conclusion. All in
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