work in a business environment

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Work in a business environment 1.1) Explain the purpose of supporting other people at work The purpose of supporting other people at work is so that you are able to get tasks completed quicker and you help each other succeed and learn new things this then helps to build better work relationships and it creates unity amongst the team. 1.2) Explain the purpose of helping other people to work effectively and efficiently a) for individuals b) for organisations Helping other people to work improves productivity, creates good employment relations and improves morale. It increases productivity, helps solve problems quickly so that deadline are met and creates a better working environment. Working with other people helps us to Communicate…show more content…
Also the information systems where the data or information is stored have to be protected from unauthorised access, use or disclosure. Also one needs to be careful not to disrupt the system, modify or destruct data or information as they are highly sensitive and cause disastrous effects for the organisation and the individual related to it. These type of data are confidential and used my governments, hospitals, military and other highly sensitive secure organisations. Information security is a business requirement and also a legal requirement. Confidentiality in workplace Confidentiality is a very important aspect for a lot of varied reasons. All the data relative to recruitment, compensation and management of employees is highly sensitive. So if these reach the hands of wrong people, it can be misused to commit fraud and other violations. Confidentiality maintenance also relates to professionalism of the organisation. So employees must make sure they maintain a professional attitude and not to share/disclose any sensitive information without authorisation from organisation. 2.2)
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