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G.J. C.M.P., Vol. 2(3) 2013:84-91

Satinder Singh
Chief Engineer (Drilling)
Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC),
Cementing Services, Ahmedabad Asset, Ahmedabad
Pursuing PhD (Management), Gujarat University, Ahmedabad

The literature review on Work-life Balance has been framed up in view of its gained popularity with the major aim to have prosperity of society and the realization of fulfilling lives for its employees by supporting the growth of every employee and the further development of the companies. The literature identifies its effect on various quality life conditions i.e Job Satisfaction, Work Stress, Career Growth, Turnover, Absenteeism,
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Hyman and Summers (2004) classified seven major problems which are associated with current practices over work-life balance these are unevenness of adoption across different sectors and organizations, lack of formalization of policies at organizational level, restricted employee voice over the introduction and implementation of policies , policies are primarily to meet business needs rather than those of employees, there is no evidence of reduction in working hours, tangible and intangible work intrusions into domestic life , domestic responsibilities are still conducted primarily by
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ISSN: 2319 – 7285

G.J. C.M.P., Vol. 2(3) 2013:84-91

women irrespective of their employment status. Researcher Vloeberghs (2002) revealed that there is a need for a practical instrument to measure the present situation of work- life balance. However, as revealed by the researchers Eikhof et. al.
(2007), the current work-life balance policies are narrow-minded in terms of addressing the needs and aspirations of employees but there is need for its realization as reflected in Emerald article, Human Resource Management International
Digest, Vol.12 Iss: 7 (2004) which emphasized that the
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