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AP Biology: Unit 3: Cell Division & Genetics: Virtual Lab #4: Punnett Squares

1. Open the Virtual Lab: Punnett Squares:

2. The virtual lab simulation will be on the right side of the screen, and the “Question” column will be on the left side of the screen.

3. Click on the TV/VCR and watch the video.

4. Read the background information in the Question Column under “How can Punnett Squares help predict the traits of offspring?”

5. Read the background information provided in the virtual lab by clicking on the “Information” bar in the lab simulation area.

6. Answer the questions below in your notebook.
a. Which of the following is most
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For example, when recording genotypic ratios:
i. If your offspring genotypes include 1 GG, 2 Gg, and 1 gg, the ratio would be: 1 GG : 2 Gg : 1 gg ii. If your offspring genotypes include 2 GG and 2 Gg, the ratio would be: 2 GG : 2 gg (or 1:1 in the reduced form) iii. If your offspring genotypes are 4 gg, then the ratio would be written as: 4 gg
b. When you record phenotypic ratios for a monohybrid cross, there are only two possible phenotypes - either the dominant phenotype or the recessive phenotype. So you do not need to indicate the phenotype, simply put the dominant # first, followed by the recessive #:
i. If your offspring phenotypes are 3 dominant and 1 recessive, the ratio is: 3:1 ii. If your offspring phenotypes are 4 dominant and 0 recessive, the ratio is: 4:0 iii. If your offspring phenotypes are 0 dominant and 4 recessive, the ratio is: 0:4 Table 1:
Scenario # Genotype of
Parent I Genotype of
Parent II Genotypic Ratio of Offspring Phenotypic Ratio of Offspring
8. Answer the following questions in your notebook.
a. For one of the monohybrid crosses you performed in this Investigation, describe how to use the phenotype ratios to determine

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