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WORLD VIEW of GOOD and EVIL in VARIOUS RELIGIONS Eddie Lundy Paula Hayes World Religions June 8, 2015 Various religions define good and evil in various ways. However, one thing is certain. Since our society has existed, good and evil have also been in existence and many religions see them as two sides of the same coin. Some religions see them as counterparts, one of which focuses on promotion of happiness and the other on everything evil or all that is contrary to happiness. Every religion and mythology define them in its own way and they find representation in various forms like demons and angels in Christianity and Devas and Danavas in Hinduism. But the concept of good and evil has always been there and in old times…show more content…
So, evil in ‘Hinduism’ is a relative term mostly used to understand the importance of good. The view of good and evil in Jainism also is to a great extent similar to that in Hinduism. The concept of karma occupies a place of importance in Jainism also, however, slightly different. In a person’s life god gives rise to happiness and evil to pain and misery. ‘Punya’ is the consequence of good deeds and ‘Paap’ of evil. In Jainism as a man does, he is repaid with it. One who sows ‘Paap’ or evil, gets evil in return and one who sows ‘Punya’, finds everything good in his life. Moksha is the elimination of everything good and bad. Evil karmas or wrong doings result in low birth in the next life. So, Jainism also views good and evil as a part of a person’s life.It is our Karma that according to Jainism determines the quality of our life. (Sivananda, 2004) Buddhism also views god and evil as innate and inseparable aspects of life. According to this view one particular individual cannot be labelled as fundamentally good or bad. A human being is capable of committing the greatest good as well as the worst of the evils. Good and Evil in Buddhism are not viewed as absolute, but as relative. Good and Evil are understood according to its consequences in our lives and its effect on others. Evil is mainly born of selfishness and of the feeling that our actions should be aimed at benefitting ourselves. In Buddhism while good represents

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