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Revolutionary War Explain how different American and British choices during the war might have changed its outcome. Analyze why France joined the war on the American side and the importance of this decision to an American victory. Identify the strengths of the British army at the outset of the Revolutionary War and account for England’s failure to win it quickly. Show how white women and African Americans hoped for changes in their respective positions in society and analyze the degree to which their conditions actually changed. By: Dalton Minton America is very lucky to have one the Revolutionary war. So many things went our way and if those things had not we would have been defeated. Britain was…show more content…
If not for Frances help would never have beat Britain at the Battle of Yorktown. Their navy was the main reason we won (Carr, 2011). Their navy blocked the passages out so no one could leave the harbor and the Americans killed everyone else (Carr, 2011). This victory is how we captured General Cornwallis (Carr, 2011). Capturing General Cornwallis was a big deal because he was such an important figure in the eyes of the British army so once he was gone it got in the heads of the army. France helped us win many other battles but this was a very important one for the Americans. France’s navy was very well trained at this time so they could help us have a fighting chance against Britain’s unstoppable navy. When France joined it gave America’s troops a huge morale boost that made them think they could win this war (Carr, 2011). France was eager to join the war they wanted the Britain tyranny to be stopped once and for all. America was already secretly getting supplies from France before they joined the war ("," 2011). After the Battle of Saratoga France thought the thirteen colonies had a chance to win and issued an alliance treaty with the colonies ("," 2011). Once France joined other countries did also like Spain and the Dutch Republic ("," 2011). On March 17, 1778 four days after France signed a treaty with the colonies Britain declared war on them (Carr,

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