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Title: Effect of Polarity In Diffusion Of Molecules Across Cellular Membrane
Abstract: Cell membranes play an important role in regulating what goes in and out of the cell. Diffusion, the process of movement of substances across the cell membrane from higher concentrations to areas of lower concentration, plays an active role in the transport and the regulation through cellular membrane. Sometimes, there are cases when cells are placed in hypotonic solutions and substances will diffuse through the cell membrane too much and will result the cell to hemolysis, causing it to swell and rupture. In this lab, we observed and recorded the time it took for diffusion of a propanol series substance to diffuse through a mixture of ovine blood to
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In a cell, diffusion occurs across a selective permeable membrane of the cell that allows the cell to regulate and control the passage of substances. As well as controlling what passes through the membrane, the selective permeability also controls how quickly those allowed substances are able to pass through the cell membrane. When a cell is placed in a hypotonic solution, the substance wants to quickly diffuse through the cellular membrane in attempt to balance the concentration. Due to this, too much of the substance enters the cell causing the cell to swell and rupture, otherwise known as hemolysis. The purpose of this lab is to test if and how the factor of polarity of a molecule affects the diffusion rate of those molecules through a permeable red blood cell membrane in a sample of ovine blood. Testing this factor and its effect on diffusion rate is important in the biological world as it helps understand how our body regulates our own substances and molecules within us, but also how our body will react and respond to other substances such as medicines. It is hypothesized that this factor of polarity will determine how quickly or slowly molecules will diffuse across the cell membrane. Smaller molecules that have relatively low polarity will be able to cross the membrane more easily and at a faster rate than those molecules that

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