##ymbolism, And Language In The Little House By Laura Ingalls Wilder

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Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote many books, and even received five Newberry Honor Medals for them. She was born on February 7th 1876 and lived until age ninety. Wilder was the author of The Little House series the second book in the series is about her husband's experiences growing up on a farm in New York. The third book is about the time Wilder spent on the American Prairie. In these books, Wilder uses imagery, symbolism, and language from when she was growing up. One of the most common elements is Wilder’s writing is imagery. She uses beautiful compilations of words to paint a picture in the minds of readers. An example of this is, “In a perfect circle the sky curved down to the level land and the wagon was in the circle’s exact middle,” (13). This is a description of how it looked when Wilder was traveling on the American Prairie. This quote could make you feel two different things, freedom and loneliness. At this point in time, Wilder and her family were probably feeling a mix of both. Later in the book, Wilder provides another example, Everything was striped there. Stripes of sunshine came through the cracks in the west wall, and stripes of shadow came down from the poles overhead. The stripes of shade and sunshine were all across Laura’s bare feet. And through the cracks between the logs she could see stripes of prairie. The sweet smell of the prairie mixed with the sweet smell of cut wood. This particular piece of imagery describes how it looked when Pa first finished
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