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Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures

January 8, 2014 Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures The study of mythology is used to describe stories from various cultures to describe certain events or pneumonias that may have taken place. Some cultures have changed the myths over time. Never the less, every Culture has its own opinion on the creation of the world. Most of the myths have similarities and differences on how the revolution of the world began. In this paper, the two myths focused on are the Zulu Creation and the Inca Creation. Below will explain which world or worlds, such as sky, earth, and underworld, the creators, and the role of cosmic occurrences of the two myths. The similarities will also be
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The Zulu Creation is the same as a pregnancy. Starting from a seed that starts to grow, which when done creates mankind. The seed is thought to of fallen from the sky to impregnate the earth. The Inca Creation starts with the sun rising from heaven and earth. Fire, water, and earth are the elements that create this story representing the sun.
Comparing the Two In both myths, they both created mankind. Zulu creates mankind from a seed that grew while Inca created mankind from stone using rock from a mountain. Both creations taught mankind how to hunt, make clothes, and essentially survive. In the two creation stories, the world is created as the gods are born. The two creation myths revolved around water, and those two creation myths can relate to their culture because water is important to both creation. The differences between Zulu and Inca creation are the cultures and the location. Zulu is in the region of South Africa. On the other hand, Inca creation is from South America. Zulu was in the 16th century where they were farmer and herder. Inca was like the Aztec people they inhabited South America and became a farmer. The two creations believed in God and both prayed every day to their God.
While every myth is different, they all have similarities about the creation of mankind. Some myths of creation are talked about as a culture relations that have changed over time. While others are supposed to be made
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