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A local lumberyard uses quantity pricing. The table shows the price per board for different amounts of lumber purchased.Price per Board (in dollars) Number of Boards Purchased 8.00 17.50 106.50 255.00 502.00 100a. Write the data as ordered pairs of the form (price per board, number of boards purchased).b. In your own words, write the meaning of the ordered pair (2.00, 100).c. Create a scatter diagram of the paired data. Be sure to label the axes appropriately.d. What trend in the paired data does the scatter diagram show?

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Consider, the x-coordinate to be “Price per Board” and the y-coordinate to be “Number of Boards Purchased”

  1. Price per Board =8.00 Number of Boards Purchased =1

    Hence, the ordered pair is (8.00,1)

  2. Price per Board=7.50 Number of Boards Purchased =10

    Hence, the ordered pair…

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