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What happens if you try to use an invalid index to access a character in a string?

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For a particular string, if the index used is out of range then "IndexError" exception occurs. For example, if a string has 6 characters, then valid indexes are 0 to 5. Any value more than 5 is an invalid index for the string. If index 6 is used for the string, then the program will throw an index error exception.

The syntax for iteration using indexing is shown below:

string_variable = 'string_value'

variable = string_variable[index]

Explanation of the syntax

  • The "string_variable" denotes the string that is been accessed.
  • The expression "string_variable[index]" returns copy of character at "index" in "string_variable".
  • The value is stored in the "variable"

Example of a program with an invalid index :

#Assign string to variable

my_string = 'Ike'

#Access string

ch = my_string[3]

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