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John Bartlett, comp. (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

Concordance Index

AARON’S serpenttoAbuses me to damn me
AbusestoAction action action
Action measured by the sentimenttoAdversity blessing of the New Testament
AdversitytoAge ache penury
AimtoAlexander and Darius
AlexandrinetoAlmighty difference of purpose between
Almighty formtoAmiable weakness
Amicably if they cantoAngels alone enjoy such liberty
Angels trumpet-tonguedtoAntidote
Anti-everythingstoAprons of fig leaves
ApronstoArmed at all points
Armed thus am I doublytoArticle of luxury
ArticlestoAtmosphere of dreams
AtomiestoAwe and majesty
Aweary of the suntoBalaam’s ass
BalancetoBarkis is willin’
Be no better than you shouldtoBeauteous
Beauteous eye of heaventoBeauty
Beauty smile from partialtoBefore and after
Before we’ve fought the BeartoBells and the Fudges
Bells have knolled to churchtoBest
Best of womankindtoBevy of fair women
Bewaileth the fall of the yeartoBiscay
Bless me this is pleasanttoBliss
BlisstoBlow a shepherd’s reed
Blow on the headtoBody
Book only read perhaps by metoBorrow its mirth
Bower by Bendemeer’s streamtoBray a fool in a mortar
Brayed with minstrelsytoBreath
Breath thou arttoBright-eyed fancy
Brightly breaks the morningtoBrothers
Brothers in peacetoBuild as chance will have it
Build the ladder by whichtoBusiness
BusinesstoCalf near three centuries dead
Calf’s-skin on those recreant limbstoCane
Canker and the grief are minetoCare
CaretoCat and a rat and a coward
Cat will mewtoCenser
Censure is the tax eminent men paytoChange
Change the place but keep the paintoCharter large as the wind
Chartered by sorrow and freightedtoChickens
Chickens come home to roosttoChimney
Chimney-cornertoChurch army physic law
ChurchtoCleanse me
Clear a heaven sotoCloud
CloudtoCold and cruel winter
Cold marble leapt to lifetoCome after you with equal grace
Companions for middle agetoCondition
ConditionstoConsidereth the poor
Consisted of lines like thesetoCool and gray
Cool sequestered valetoCounsel and speak comfort
CounseltoCourses even with the sun
Created equaltoCrier of green sauce
CrowntoCup afloat of the lake-lily
Cup of watertoCymbal
Darkness of the landtoDay after the fair
Days are hastening ontoDead
Dead in look so woe-begonetoDeath a door that leads to light
DeathtoDeath kneeling by his bed
Death the consolertoDedes
Dedicate his beauty to the suntoDeeply beautifully blue
Deep-mouthed welcometoDelights
Delights to deck our girls for gaytoDesire and mystery
Desire more lovetoDevil a monk was he
Devil hunting for one fair femaletoDie a bachelor
Die a more painful deathtoDiffer
DiscontenttoDistant prospects please us
Distant views of happinesstoDo
Do you know old age may cometoDone
DonetoDown among the dead men
Down from his perchtoDream
Dream that I forgettoDrink and to be merry
Drink with him that wears a hoodtoDull as night
Dull dulness intuitive declares wittoDwell below the skies
Dwell in such a templetoEarly and provident fear
Early frosttoEarth
EarthtoEat and drink as friends
Eat to livetoElder-gun
Employment of idle timetoEndless cruise
Endless nighttoEnough for man to know
Error welds men togethertoEve
Eve span and Adam dolvetoEverything advantageous to life
Everything that pretty istoExcess
Excess to be blamedtoExultations
ExultingtoEyes and eares and every thought
Face divinetoFailed of act
FailethtoFaith a passionate intuition
Faith is like a lilytoFalsehood and truth grapple
Falsehoods which we spurn to-daytoFancy’s child
Fancy’s coursetoFast and loose
Fast bind fast findtoFather’s brother
Father’s housetoFears and saucy doubts
FeettoFew and far between
Few immortal namestoFights and runs away
FightertoFire answers fire
FiretoFitted him to a T
Fittest place man can dietoFlesh and blood can’t bear it
FoetoFool all of the people all
Fool must now and then be righttoForce abated
Force is no remedytoForgot
ForgottoForward and frolic glee
Forward as occasion offerstoFree and fetterless thing
Free as airtoFriend
FriendtoFriendship but a name
FriendshiptoFull age
Full fayre sighttoGain and gain is gain
Gate of the westtoGentil dedes
Gentil hertetoGiant arms upbear
Giants in the earthtoGiven
Given us two ears but only one mouthtoGloom
GloomstoGo ahead
Go bytoGod bless the man who first
GoodtoGood name better than precious ointment
Good thing out of NazarethtoGrace
GracetoGratitude and love
Gratitude of place-expectantstoGreat Admiral sailed the
Great HalltoGreeks
Greeks in commontoGroan
Groans of the dyingtoGuide in smoke and flame
Halcyon daystoHand
Hand that rounded Peter’s dometoHappier in the passion we feel
Happiest dreamtoHark from the tombs
Harm metoHaters
HathawaytoHead and front of my offending
HeadtoHearing ear
HearttoHearts and sentiments were free
HeartstoHeaven a time ordains
Heaven first taught letterstoHeaven
Heaven was not heaven if PhaontoHell
Hell from beneath is movedtoHeritage
HeritagetoHill apart
Hole in a’ your coatstoHone
Honest and truetoHoodwinked
Hoofs of a swinish multitudetoHopeless anguish
Hopeless sons of claytoHour
Hour of virtuous libertytoHowls along the sky
Hub of the solar systemtoHungarian wight
Illusion giventoImportune
Imposes an oathtoIndubitable manifestation of the Divinity
Indued with sanctity of reasontoInnocence and health
Innocency next thing to confessiontoInterpretations
Interpreter hardest to be understoodtoIsrael
Issues at the lasttoJohn Barleycorn
John P. Robinson hetoJoys
Joys flow from our own selvestoJust
Kind and gentle hearttoKings and republics
Kings come bow to ittoKnew
Knew moretoKnowledge
LadiestoLand and sea
Last nighttoLaw and the prophets
LawtoLead kindly Light
Lead to an enchanted landtoLeave all in order
Leave to God God doestoLessons
Lest pleasureless ye dietoLiberty’s tree
Liberty’s unclouded blazetoLife
Life distastefultoLife is but a span
LifetoLife’s a flower I choose my own
Life’s meanstoLight from which they take
Light restoretoLikeness of a kingly crown
LikewisetoLips are now forbid to speak
Lips drop gentle wordstoLittle
LittletoLives a prayer
Lives no greater leadertoLoiterers and malcontents
Loke who that is most vertuoustoLook a gift horse in the mouth
Look through a milstonetoLore
LorntoLove a bright particular star
LovetoLove greater than his power
Love knoweth no lawstoLove of your neighbour
Love thee dearly love thee stilltoLoveliest lassie
Lucifer son of the morningtoMade a foe
Made light of ittoMajesty
MajestytoMan a flower he dies
MantoMan does
MantoMan lay down his life for his friends
MantoMan perfect who understands for himself
MantoMan to mend God’s work
MantoMan-like is it to fall into sin
Manliness of grieftoMarcival providence fashioned us
MardentoMasterdom and sway
Mastered whatever was not worth knowingtoMeals
Mean and smalltoMeet again
Meets the eartoMemory
Memory thy lamptoMen
Men in the catalogue ye go fortoMen propose
MerittoMien carries more invitation
Might and maintoMind
Minds led captivetoMiserable comforters are ye all
Modern instancestoMood
Moody madnesstoMore and less than just
More you drink more you thirsttoMortals
Mortals sharetoMount Abora
Mount to its summit round by roundtoMuch an expedient as lighting
Much credit in thattoMusic and moonlight
Names that shall live unnumbered yearstoNature abhors imperfect work
Nature and reasontoNature is but art unknown
Necessity proper parent of an arttoNever a song
Never loved sae blindlytoNight
Night before ChristmastoNight
NighttoNoble and approved good masters
Noble to be goodtoNorth and south clasp hands
Nothing is law that is not reasontoNutbrown ale
NuthertoOccur in the best regulated families
Often funnytoOn a lone barren isle
On ye bravetoOperation
Opes the palace of eternitytoOrmus and of Ind
OrnamenttoOverpowering knell
PaintoPangs and fears
Pangs of despised lovetoParts
PartstoPast again
PasttoPatron and the jail
Patron one who looks with unconcerntoPeak and pine
Peaks of two eternitiestoPent-up Utica
Penury and imprisonmenttoPerish
Perish with him the folly that seekstoPhilosophers have judged
Philosophic mindtoPin a day’s a groat a year
Pins it with a startoPlace
PlaytoPleasure after pain
Pleasure of life is totoPoet be
Poet is made as well as borntoPolished dart
Polished mannerstoPorcelain clay of humankind
ProcupinetoPowdered with stars
PraisetoPresence full of light
Presence of bodytoPrime
Prime conception of the joyoustoProdigal
Prodigal excesstoProse and poetry
ProsetoPublic amusements
Public man of light and leadingtoPurse
Purse is freetoQuestionings of sense
Qui desiderat pacemtoRage
Rage of the vulturetoRat
Rat in a holetoReaped
ReapedtoRecorded time
RecorderstoReligion as healthy as life itself
ReligiontoRenowned Spenser
Rent is sorrowtoRest and be thankful
Rest nowheretoRewards
RewardstoRides in the whirlwind
RidertoRing happy bells
Ring out the old ring in the newtoRoar
RometoRoses and lilies and violets
RosestoRueful conflict
RuffiantoRustic life and poverty
RusticstoSaid anything that was remembered
Said ittoSand an’ ginger when alive
SeatoSearch men’s principles
Searches to the bottomtoSee a hand you cannot see
See with his half-shut eyestoSelling of pig in a poke
ShadetoShakespeare’s magic
ShakingtoShed no tear—O shed
Sheddeth man’s bloodtoShock of corn
Shock of mentoShout and revelry
Sidelong looks of lovetoSilence accompanied
Silence envious tonguestoSilver-white
Silver-white lady-smockstoSinger
SkiestoSlain by arrows of the early frost
Sleep will never lie where care lodgestoSmall
Small of all that human hearts enduretoSmooth as monumental alabaster
Smoother than buttertoSociety among unequals
Society where none intrudestoSolitude
Solitude of his own originalitytoSong
Song jets forth so cleartoSorrow
Souls whose sudden visitations daze the worldtoSow for him build for him
Sow thy seed in the morningtoSpeaks an infinite deal of nothing
SpeakertoSpider’s touch how exquisitely fine
Spider-like we feel the tenderest touchtoSpite
Spite the worldtoSpurn to-day
Spurned but spurned in vaintoStanding
Standing with reluctant feettoStars
StarstoStatue-like repose
StaturetoSterile promontory
Stern and distant shoretoStone
StonetoStraight down the crooked lane
Strong drink is ragingtoSubject not a slave
Subject of all versetoSuit lightly won
Suit of sablestoSun
Sun in the firmamenttoSunset and evening star
Sunset’s turquoise margetoSway
SwaytoSweet bells jangled out of tune
SweettoSwift-winged arrows of light
Swim before my sighttoTake all the gifts
Take I give it willinglytoTall ancestral trees
Tall men sun-crownedtoTeam of little atomies
Team of sparrowstoTemper
TempertoTesty pleasant fellow
ThievestoThings above
ThingstoThink and act
Think there is nothing but immortalitytoThought
Thought and joytoThoughts
Thoughts of a childtoThreescore
Three-tailed BashawtoTide and wind stay no man
Times were not hard and money scarcetoToil and care
ToiltoTongue an unruly member
Transfigures its golden hairtoTrees are brown
TroubletoTrust a little
Trust in moneytoTruth
Turquoise margetoTyrants
Undone widowtoUniversity of these days
Unjust peace before a just wartoUntimely death
Unto dying eyestoUtter
UtterancetoVantage-ground of truth
Vapour at the besttoVerse
VersetoVillage bells
Village cocktoVirtue
Virtue she finds too painfultoVoice and utterance
Voice of all the godstoWails so in winter
Wailing crytoWanders heaven-directed
Wandered by the brook-sidetoWars and rumours of wars
WarstoWatchful and wary
Watching thee from hour to hourtoWaving here
WaxtoWeak against the strong
WeaktoWeb from their own entrails spin
WelltoWhat a fall was there
What is her historytoWhence and what art thou
Whence is thy learningtoWhite
White and stilltoWictim of connubiality
WilltoWinds and waters keep a hush
Winds of doctrine were let loosetoWingèd chalice of the soul
Wingèd spiritstoWise
Wise do never live longtoWit
Wit invites youtoWoe
Woman therefore may be wontoWoo her
Woo the voicestoWords all ears took captive
Words are but empty thankstoWork a little
Work of GodtoWorld
World had wanted many an idle songtoWorld knows me in my book
World she followed himtoWorld’s altar-stairs
World’s shoretoWould and we would not
Would it were bedtimetoWrite a verse or two
Write about it goddesstoYear
Yielded with coy submissiontoYouth and I lived in ’t together
YouthtoZuyder Zee