Robert Christy, comp. Proverbs, Maxims and Phrases of All Ages. 1887.


A bad mill has also a bad pivot.Modern Greek.

A greedy mill grinds all sorts of corn.

As good water goes by the mill as drives it.

By going gains the mill and not by standing still.Spanish.

He who goes to the mill gets befloured.Italian.

His mill will go with all winds.

I am loth to change my mill.

In vain does the mill clack if the miller his hearing lack.

It is the master wheel that makes the mill go round.French.

Mills will not grind if you give them no water.

Much water passes by the mill that the miller perceives not.Italian.

Much water runs by the mill while the miller sleeps.Danish.

No mill, no meal.

That brings water to the mill.

The best of the mill is, the sacks can’t speak.

The corn passes from hand to hand, but it comes to the mill at last.African.

The corn that is taken to a bad mill will be badly ground.Danish.

The first at the mill grinds first.Italian.

The mill does not grind with water that is past.French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese.

The mill gains by going, and not by standing still.Spanish.

The mill must be of two stones (two persons are required for friendship).Turkish.

The mill of the gods grinds slowly, but it grinds fine.Greek.

The mill that is always grinding grinds coarse and fine together.Irish.

Though the mills of God grind slowly,
Yet they grind exceeding small.
Though with patience he stands waiting,
With exactness grinds he all.Longfellow.