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6. The manufacture of such products as penicillin, tetracycline, vitamins, and other pharmaceuticals, as well as photographic chemicals, dyes, and other fine organic compounds, usually requires separating the suspended solids from their mother liquid by centrifugation, and then drying the wet cake. A closed-loop system (figure) for centrifuge unloading, drying, conveying, and solvent recovery is comprised of equipment especially designed for handling materials requiring sterile and contamination-free conditions.
Given the experimental measurements on the pilot plant equipment outline in figure:
a. Draw and label a flowchart of the process.
b. What is the lb/hr of the recycle stream R?

0.4 lb Vitamins
Feed Stream
Recycle Stream b H20
98 lb/hr
20% Vitamin Solution
(496 H2O per lb
is Carried Off)
60% Vitamins
40% H2O

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0.4 lb Vitamins Feed Stream Recycle Stream b H20 98 lb/hr 20% Vitamin Solution Continuous Filter H20 Vitoming (496 H2O per lb Vitamins+H20 is Carried Off) 100% Centrifuge 60% Vitamins 40% H2O


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Step 1

Part (a)

The basis of the process is taken as 98 lb/hr of the feed. The symbol used for vitamins is ‘V’.

Let is the mass flowrate of the streams in lb/hr and xi is the mass fraction of the species i.

The labelled flowchart of the given process is:

Step 2

Part (b)

For stream (5), the given condition is 4% H2O per lb vitamins which is written as equation (1). Also, the sum of mass fractions of all the species in a mixture is equal to 1 which is written as equation (2). Thus,

Step 3

Simultaneously solve equation...


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