{ (-1, -5), (8, 8), (7, 7), (7, -7), (-2, 6) }
Function? : ________

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Q: 4) Which expression is equivalent to 1&r-50? 1) 2(3x + 5)² 2) 2(3х - 5)2 3) 2(3х - 5)(3х + 5) 4) 2(3...

A: we have to identify which expression is equivalent to the given expression

Q: 10. Solve

A: As per our guidelines we are supposed to answer only one question.Kindly repost other question as th...

Q: (4) Prove the following for n 2 3: (":") + +...+ [Hint: Think about what this sum represents in Pasc...

A: Pascal's Identity states that nk=n-1k-1n-1k for any positive integers k and n for K≤n. Here, nk is b...

Q: Select all equations whose graphs have a vertex with x-coordinate 2.

A: if any graph have a vertex with x coordinator 2 then put x= 2 in the equation then we get y= 0 so we...

Q: Dominique makes and sells pies. The number of pies demanded weekly, qD, is given by qD = 75 – 3p whe...

A: Linear Equation Question

Q: Factor completely: 2x-98x

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Q: Which graph depicts no correlation

A: The answer is "D". The picture (A)  represents weak positive correlation, (B)  represents perfect co...

Q: Find each value or measure. Assume that segments that appear to be tangent are tangent.

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Q: Investigation: The Effects of parameters “a", “b", and "c" on the Graph of y = a(x – r)(x – s) Group...


Q: Janene is solving the equation log3,324 = 2. Which exponential equation can she use to solve the pro...

A: Answer 

Q: Evaluate the following and represent your results in rational forms.

A: Our Aim is to evaluate the following:-1)-4+1Answer⇒-4+1=-2+1=-12) 0.03-2%Answer⇒0.03-2%=3100-2100=11...

Q: The numbers on two consecutively numbered gym lockers have a sum of 133. What are the lockers number...

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Q: I need help

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Q: Example Evaluate the triangle fxy dy- y? dx around the square cat from the first quadrant by the lin...

A: Answer 

Q: Find the domain of the function. f(x) = √(2 - x)

A: The given function is,  fx=2-x. The objective is to find the domain of the function. The domain is t...

Q: determine the roots and the end behavior of the polynomial f(x) = (x-2)2 (x-1) be sure to explain ho...

A: We have to determine the roots and the end behavior of the polynomial  f(x) = (x - 2)2 (x - 1)   

Q: Solve

A: We can make it Bernoulli Equation and after that make it Linear differential equation and solve it.

Q: Select all the expression equal to 5^-5 1. 1/5^5 2. .125 3. (5^-2.5)^2 4. 5x^-10/5x^15

A: Given : 5-5

Q: Ex:.F.nd the Vatues -uwhich each function is Continusus fexy=32222 O fraj- 2. ③ fこ。 2メー」

A: Hey, since there are multiple questions posted, we will answer first three question as per our guide...

Q: Simplify the expression 15a^9 b-^6 c^2/3a^-3 b^4 c^2

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Q: 7) The endpoints of two line segments are given. Find the length of each segment. Tell whether the s...

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Q: Find each value or measure. Assume that segments that appear to be tangent are tangent.

A: Given that two intersecting chords . We have to find " x ". 

Q: Classwork/Exercises 2. Can the table shown below represent values of a function? Explain. Input (x) ...

A: Consider the given table. Input Output 1 7 3 16 5 19 5 20 9 28  

Q: n noticed that it was harder for him to make a basket later in the game when he was tired. Josephine...

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Q: A group of Pikachu were introduced onto a small island with an initial population of 20 Pikachu. Pro...

A: The exponential function representation of a quantity is given by  f(x) = a(b)^kt  Where a = intital...

Q: Algebra Question

A: The given points are: (2, 5)(6, 7)(4, 6)(12, 10)(10, 9)

Q: 2+1=

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Q: On Melissa 6th birthday, she gets a $2000 CD that earns 7% interest, compounded semiannually. If the...

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Q: Need help with this question please and thank you

A: In the given figure, a rectangle is bounded by x-axis, y-axis and the graph of y = -(2/3)x + 6. We h...

Q: Find the total rebound distance of a ball that is dropped from a height of 7 m, with each rebounds t...

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Q: What value of x will make the following equation true? 4 loga 3. 4 O 16 O 24

A: Give, The equation  log8x = 43  We have to find the value of x.   

Q: log81

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Cool Down Here is a hanger that is in balance. We don't know how much any of its shapes weigh. How c...

A: Let the circle be denoted by c, the square be denoted by s and the triangle be denoted by t.

Q: 4. What is the length of the missing side of the triangle? 10 3.

A: Given : A right-angled triangle.

Q: Consider the function graphed at right. What are the X-intercepts of the function? Jo 9 8 76 5 What ...

A: To find the x-intercept of the graph

Q: example of a non-cyolie group but all group which are cyclic Give an

A: The group U(8) = {1, 3, 5, 7} is noncyclic since 11 = 32 = 52 = 72 = 1 (so there areno generators). ...

Q: Algebra Question

A: we have to find the solution from the given figure

Q: c. Find the equation of the tangent line to the curve x-t²-2t, y3t²+2t at the point t=2.

A: As per the company guidelines we can solve first question. I hope that the given solution will help ...

Q: 14. Find the equation of the line. * 10 (3, 10) (0, 4) -5 -5

A: Equation of a line passing through the points x1,y1 and x2, y2 is given by  y-y1=y2-y1(x2-x1)x-x1

Q: What number is in the ten-thousandths spot of pi

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Q: 9.1.PS-8 A spinner has 12 equal-sized sections. Three of the sections are blue. a. What is the proba...

A: Given, A spinner has 12 equal sized sections.  Three of sections are blue.  We have to solve for par...

Q: solve pls

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Q: Algebra Question

A: Given

Q: 4. Which graph of a relation is also a function? to to A. В. C. D.

A: Given, The graphs of the relations. We have to find the graph which is also a function.     

Q: there are two other questions I couldn't attach. 2.  The system containing the lines select a value ...

A: Click to see the answer

Q: may you help me solve this step by step please and thank you and I'm an 8th grader by the way

A: Dear student, We are allowed to answer one question at a time and in case of multiple question we ar...

Q: the hypotenuse in a right triangle is 13cm. of the other two sides, one is 7 cm longer than the othe...

A: Use pythagorous theorem

Q: 3

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Question 2. 1 0 0 -1 -1 1 1 -1 R3 + 4R2 → R3 1 -1 a b c What is the value of b – a + c in the above ...

A: Given that  From the given matrix  To find b-a+c

Q: 3- Solve the system of equations. Using Gaussian elimination. x - 3z = -2 b) 3x+y-2z = 5 2x + 2y +z ...

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