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1 L[Al molslope = k[Alotime, s


For a second-order reaction, [A]products, the rate of the reaction is given as rate= k[A]2, where k is the rate constant and [A] is the concentration of reactant A. The integrated rate law for second-order reactions is 1[A]t=kt+1[A]0, where [A]t is the concentration of reactant Aat time tk is the rate constant, and [A]0 is the initial concentration of reactant A. This equation is of the type y=mx+b. Therefore, the plot of 1[A]t versus time is always a straight line with a slope k and a y intercept 1[A]0.

Consider the second-order reaction: 2HI(g)H2(g)+I2(g)Use the simulation to find the initial concentration [HI]0 and the rate constant k for the reaction. What will be the concentration of HI after t = 3.92×1010 s ([HI]t) for a reaction starting under the condition in the simulation?

1 L
[Al mol
slope = k
time, s

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1 L [Al mol slope = k [Alo time, s

Step 1

The stimulation for the given reaction is not given. Therefore, the initial concentration [HI]0 and the rate constant k for the reaction has to be assumed to determine the concentration of HI after t = 3.92×1010 s.

Step 2

The concentration of HI after t=3.92×1010 s is calculat...


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